Manicure.. $15
French Manicure.. $19
Buff Manicure.. $19

Essential Manicure… $30
Treatments with Aroma Essential Oil, good for hands and cuticles. Includes 10 min. Hand Mssage.

Dead Sea Paraffin Manicure… $39
A Blend of Vitamin E, Seaweed Extract and Dead Sea Mud

Herbal Manicure… $49
(dermatologically tested)
Special revitalizing treatment using Gehwol Treatment cream, and Natural Essential Oils. Great for fungal infections on nails, dry hands, and sore hands. Includes scrub & 10 min. Hand massage.

Essie Couture Manicure … $ 25
Color Gel Manicure (shellac)… $49
Color Gel French Manicure (shellac french)… $59
Soak Off Manicure (Color Gel Removal)… $19

Gel Manicure… $25
this gel is only for Silk/tip maintenance

Fill-in.. $50
Acrylic Set.. $85
Silk Tip Set.. $85
Wrap Set.. $75
Extension Set.. $85

UV Fill-in.. $60
UV Fill-in French.. $80
UV Gel Single Color.. $100
UV Gel Permanent French.. $120


Pedicure .. $35
French Pedicure.. $41

Buff Pedicure… $39
Buff will give you shiny nails without using any nail polish

Essie Couture Pedicure… $45
Color Gel(Shellac) Pedicure… $69

Delight Pedicure… $59
A Pedicure with Marine Salt gently exfoliates and polishes the skin, with sunflower oil to soften and vitamin E to neutralize and moisturize. Also includes callus elimination treatment & 10 min. foot rub.

Shea Butter Spa Pedicure… $69
Your tired feet and legs will be pampered to the most relazing massage with shea butter to ease all the tension and soreness. Our all natural shea butter heals, protects and softens the skin.

Anti-Stress Pedicure… $79
A relaxing pedicure with a detoxifying mud, scrub & moisturizer. Also includes elimination of callus & 10 min. foot rub

Dead Sea Paraffin Pedicure… $89
A blend of Vitamin E, Seaweed Extract and Dead Sea Mud. Also includes callus elimination treatment & 10 min. foot rub.

Herbal Pedicure… $99
(dermatologically tested)
Special revitalizing treatment using Gehwol Treatment Cream, and Natural Essential Oils from a German Foot care company that has been around for over 120 years. Great for sore, tired, foot orders, fungal infections and dry cracked feet. Includes 15 min foot rub & callus elimination treatment. * We will design a protocol customized to your foot condition.

Paraffin Hands.. $10
Paraffin Foot.. $20
Back Rub (10 min.).. $15
Foot Rub (10 min.).. $20

Waxing & Threading


Eye Brow.. $15
Lip.. $13
Eye Brow Shape.. $25
Chin.. $15
Cheek.. $15



Chest.. $40 & up
Back .. $50 & up
Back & Shoulder
.. $70


Bikini.. $25 & up
Brazilian Bikini .. $50 & up
Under Arms.. $20
Half Arms.. $30
Full Arms.. $40
Half Legs.. $35
Full Legs.. $55
Full Legs w/ Bikini
.. $70


(By appointment only)

Eye Brow.. $20
Lip.. $15
Chin.. $18
Cheek.. $18
Forehead.. $15
Face-line.. $35
Face.. $60



Facial Rejuvenation Facial … $85
(For all skin types)
Specially customized to remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores. This will leave your skin feeling & looking radiant, refreshed, smooth. Includes a rejuvenating facial mask.

Anti-Aging Facial … $100
(Customized to your skin type: sensitive, dry & oily)
Helps prevent and reverse the signs of premature aging caused by pollutants in the environment. Formulated with the famous spring water from Italy to have a therapeutic Anti-Aging effect.

Optimizer … $135
(Deep firming, lifting facial & remodeling treatment)
Optimizer provides range of scientifically proven anti-aging “uplifting” and firming phyto-biological substance to sculpt the skin to perfection.

Le Grand Classique … $155
(Deep pore cleansing and restoring facial)
Using anti-inflammatory plant & flower extracts, this “soin du visage” will clear your skin and restore its natural balance without leaving unwanted marks.

Couperose treatment Facial… $120
(For sensitive Couperose skin & Rosacea)
Created for men and women with vaso-reactive skin, this treatment significantly reduces redness in intensity soothes irritation, sensations of warmth and tightness providing immediate comfort and relief to the skin preventing and controlling manifestations of Rosacea.

Vital Elastin Facial… $165
(For all aging skin)
This is our most luxurious anti-afing treatment. Targeted to treat wrinkles, a radiant complexion, hydration, and nutrition. Promotes youthful tone and elasticity. Includes vegetable exfoliation and a reshaping mask with stimulastine elixir for regenerating


Ultimate Re-Surfacing (60 min.)… $180
Rejuvenation Facial combined with biological exfoliation followed by post-treatment Collagen Velvet Mask.



*Available with any facial for extra enhancement.

Collagen Velvet Mask .. $30
Hydro-Thermal Mask .. $30
Deep Pore Cleansing .. $40
Eye Treatment Mask .. $40
Acne Clearance Photo Therapy.. $50
Oxygen Spray.. $40



(Advanced hair removal)
No more razor bumps, no more unwanted hair. Skin remains smooth and supple for months. Using the cutting edge LHE (Light & Heat Energy) technology, Spa Touch gently removes hair down to the source by damaging its root and significantly delaying re-growth.

Noninvasive Capillary Coalysis Treatment… $100
(1 session / 10 min.)
Effective Capillary Coalescent Treatment is designed to eliminate Broken Cpillary, Sking tags, Ruby Points and Spider Angioma. It uses a combination of DC & RF currents, commonly used in esthetics.
* Most of the above disorders are successfully treated in 1 to 3 sessions.

Kineson… $45
(Energizing Celluar Massage)
Increase cell performance and energy. Smooths away fine lines and wrinkles.

Body Massage & Treatment


Signature Massage
(60 min).. $150 / (90min).. $190
This soothing massage includes a combination of our hot stone, reflexology, and Swedish massage. It is customized to each client’s needs to alleviate tension in the deep muscle tissues and generate relaxation & Wellness throughout the whole body.

Deep Tissue Massage
(60 min).. $130 / (90 min).. $180
A Vigorous massage that improves circulation and stimulates muscle. Helps to remove excess lactic acid from the body, resulting in a faster recovery.

Aroma Therapy Massage
(60 min).. $110 / (90 min).. $160
The Massage activates the body’s nerve endings and stimulates metabolism which speeds up the healing process, relaxes muscles, enhances removal of metabolic wastes, and improves circulation of blood and lymph.

Spa Massage
(60 min).. $100 / (90 min).. $150
A gentle stroke massage customized to meet individual’s needs. This Swedish massage technique will relax tense muscles, relieves stress, aches and pains.

La Stone Massage
(60 min).. $150 / (90 min).. $190
A Traditional therapeutic treatment that combines heated basalt lava stone and a full body massage. Warmed stones are glided and placed on chakra points of the body. The heat penetrates deep into muscles to release tension and stress.

Indian Head Massage
(30 min).. $80 / (60min).. $150
This method uses Shiatsu and acupressure techniques on the scalp, face, neck, upper back and shoulders. Not only for relaxation, but will help to rebalance your energy, disperse toxins from knotted muscles and improve concentration.Other symptoms such as insomnia, eyestrain, congestion, stress and anxiety can benefit as well.

(30 min).. $60 / (45 min).. $80 / (60 min).. $100
Manipulation of the feet’s reflex points which correspond to the body’s organs and glands to provide relaxation and restore healthy balance to the body.


Body Silk Treatment
(80 min)… $150
First Awakens the body with a gentle skin brushing and softening body exfoliation. This treatment will stimulate the lymphatic circulation and help to improve the condition of the skin. Enjoy the experience that will leave your body refreshed and your skin smooth.
(this treatment may be combined with any body massage & facial, extra cost)

Spa Packages

Skin Essential… $280
Signature Massage (60 min), Rejuvenation Facial (with Collagen Fiber Mask), Manicure and Pedicure

New York Spa … $320
Signature Massage (90 min.), Optimizer Facial, Manicure and Pedicure

Great Escape … $390
Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.), Le Grand Classique Facial, Body Silk Treatment.

Oxygen Energizer … $430
Deep Tissue massage (60min), Optimizer Facial & Oxygen Spray, Indian Head Massage (30 min.), Manicure and Herbal Pedicure

Ultimate Rejuvenation Ritual … $460
La Stone Massage (90 mins), Le Grand Classique Facial, Collagen Mask, Herbal Manicure & Herbal Pedicure

New York Beauty

Eye Lash Perm … $85
Includes a 10 minute leg massage while perm takes place.

Eye Lash Tint …$30

Eye Brow Tint … $25

Eye Brow & Lash Tint …$50

Eye Lash Extension … $120

Ear Candling … $85
In centuries past, the natural therapy of ear coning was reserved for royalty and renowned warriors in ancient Egypt and China. This relaxing and soothing treatment is performed to relieve pressure in the sinuses, wax buildup, and inner-ear blockage to improve balance.

Head Spa … $120
To improve hair loss, breakage, sore, itchy sensitive scalps, flaking scalp and more. We offer consultation and treatments for a range of hair and scalp conditions. (Ask for details at the front desk)

Hair Salon services are only available at Salon Today.

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